Commerical Cleaning Services

Any good business will make it a priority to put for the best possible first impression for customers, business partners, anyone who may visit their facility. This is done through making sure that clutter is eliminated, all rooms and hallways are properly cleaned and free of obstructions, and that all flooring and carpeting are in the best possible condition.

At Advanced Cleaning & Restoration Services we specialize in commercial carpet cleaning for everything from small mom and pop business establishments to large scale, national corporate offices. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as one of the most reputable cleaning firms in our area, and you can rest assured that your company’s carpets are in the hands of trained professionals. All of our carpet cleaning jobs are backed with the industry’s best guarantee, which means that if you aren’t 100% satisfied with our work, we clean everything again free of charge.

There are a number of benefits to having your company carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Your office is healthier, as we eliminate many of the dust mites, allergens, and other contaminants that are often found in dirty carpeting. The carpets smell clean and fresh, which is no doubt pleasant to your employees who spend 8 hours or more in these offices. It also goes a long way towards refreshing the overall visual appeal of the location, since well-maintained floors can make even an older office space look fresh, vibrant, and new.

Our commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance services include, carpet stretching and repair, upholstery and leather cleaning, fabric and filter protection, pet odor decontamination, and service for unusual items such as oriental and area rugs.

Carpet replacement is an expensive and time consuming project, one that can easily nullify your production schedule, if it doesn’t make it grind to a halt altogether. Carpet cleaning can be done for the entire location within a day or so, with minimal disruption of your company’s normal routine. Proper cleaning also extends the life of your carpets and rugs, meaning that you can put off those replacement projects for several years.

Also, don’t wait until your carpet becomes unbearable to look at before scheduling a cleaning. Cleaning before the area becomes filthy will mean lower cleaning costs. If a carpet or floor is in very bad shape, the cost will be greater to restore it than to keep it looking good. Wouldn’t it be more pleasant to have a floor that always looks good?

The EPA recommends that offices be cleaned every 1-6 months depending on the amount of traffic and whether or not food is served. Carpet manufacturers will recommend every 2 weeks– 6 months depending on the same conditions. Call us at 1-518-773-2435, to set up a FREE Flooring Consultation and Inspection. We will inspect your floors and help you decide how often to clean and what method is best for your situation.

We are experienced in all types of cleaning methods, and the method we choose depends on your soiling condition, how often you have it cleaned, and how quickly you need it to dry. Our preferred methods of cleaning are:

Truck Mounted or Portable Hot Water Extraction (aka Steam Cleaning) This is the most popular method and the method carpet manufacturers recommend above all others. First, your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed, Next, all areas are pre-sprayed and any spots are treated. We then take a carpet groomer and hand scrub the entire carpet. The carpet is then sanitized and rinsed with hot water. The carpet is usually wet for 2-10 hours, if cleaned properly.

Encapsulation The carpet is sprayed with a polymer solution that works like tiny sponges. We use a rotary machine to activate and scrub the carpet allowing those sponges to absorb the dirt. Finally the sponges are vacuumed up. This can be used as a primary or interim method of cleaning, but usually as an interim. The carpet usually dries in 30-60 minutes. The benefits: The carpet dries very fast. Most of the spots will not re-appear immediately if done properly.

With decades of combined experience, Advanced Cleaning & Restoration Services is the leading authority in Upstate New York for water damage and other related problems. All of our technicians are trained and IICRC / IRI certified in every aspect of the restoration industry; this ensures the fastest and most thorough cleaning and restoration job that you can ask for. We will get all of the excess water out, repair the damage, dry out all surfaces, and then restore your property to its original pre-loss condition. You and your family can be assured of a first rate job, done right, the first time! We service Gloversville and surrounding communities and you can reach our office at 1-518-773-2435, or through email at

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