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At Advanced Cleaning & Restoration Services, we understand the impact mold can have on both your property and the well-being of its occupants.

mold remediation

1. Facts About Mold:

Mold, a fungus thriving in moist environments, feeds on organic materials like wood, drywall, and fabrics.

Excessive moisture, water leaks, high humidity, condensation, or poor ventilation often cause mold growth. Besides its musty odor, mold can lead to health issues like allergies and respiratory problems.

2. Understanding Mold Remediation:

Mold remediation is the process of identifying, containing, and eliminating mold growth within a structure. Key steps include:

  • Inspection and Assessment: A thorough evaluation to identify mold extent and underlying causes.
  • Containment: Preventing spore spread with physical barriers and negative air pressure systems.
  • Removal and Cleaning: Using advanced techniques and HEPA filtration for comprehensive mold elimination.
  • Drying and Dehumidification: Addressing moisture sources to prevent future mold growth.
  • Prevention and Restoration: Identifying and rectifying moisture issues, creating an environment inhospitable to mold.
mold remediation

3. How Our Professional Company Can Help:

  • Expertise and Experience: Trained professionals with 30 years of mold remediation experience.
  • Specialized Equipment: Access to state-of-the-art tools designed for accurate assessment and safe removal.
  • Safety and Health Considerations: Prioritizing client and team safety with PPE and adherence to industry guidelines.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond removal, addressing root causes, preventing future infestations, and providing restoration services.

Your Home’s Mold Story:

Indicators of a Mold Problem:

  • Visible build-up of mold
  • Strong, musty odors
  • Previous water damage or leaks
  • Inadequate ventilation in bathrooms or laundry rooms
mold remediation

Our Process:

  • NYS Regulations Compliance: Engaging a licensed Mold Assessor for assessment as per New York State regulations.
  • Source of Mold Identification: Locating and repairing moisture sources.
  • Mold Remediation Process: Employing fans, containment barriers, and dehumidifiers for thorough mold removal.
  • 24-Hour Follow-Up Assessment: Ensuring a mold-free environment with a licensed assessor’s follow-up.


Mold is a significant concern, and our professional company is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to craft a comprehensive remediation solution. By entrusting us, you gain peace of mind—knowing your mold will be handled with the highest standards of quality and expertise.

With 30 years of experience, Advanced Cleaning & Restoration Services is the leading authority in Upstate NY for water damage, mold, and other related issues. All of our technicians are trained and IRI and IICRC certified in every aspect of the restoration industry; this ensures the fastest and most thorough cleaning and restoration job that you can ask for. We will get all of the excess water out, repair the damage, dry out all surfaces, and then restore your property to its original pre-loss condition. You can reach our office 24/7 at 1-518-773-2435, or through email at

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